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Commercial Ovens

Commercial Oven

For a restaurant or cafe just setting up, purchasing the right oven for your needs is a major decision. With over 30 years experience in selling, maintaining & repairing commercial ovens, let Southern Cross Appliances take the stress and risk off you.

Because we buy direct, we can pass on the savings to yourself - the knowledge & experience is complimentary.

Don't make a major decision that you may regret later without first consulting with Ballarat's commercial oven specialists!

Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

Southern Cross Appliances has been repairing commercial fridges for over three generations. We know how to see value and quality in determining which refrigeration solution is right for you!

When a commercial fridge goes out - time is of the essence. Southern Cross Appliances is based in Ballarat - our response times will never be beaten!

Commercial Coolrooms

Commercial Coolrooms

Southern Cross Appliances are experienced coolroom designers, manufacturers and installers. Our technicians are fully licensed Refrigeration Mechanics that can build the right cooling solution for you and your business.

We also have a limited number of mobile coolrooms for hire. It's always on the 40 degree days that calamity strikes - ensure your perishable stock is kept safe with a Southern Cross Appliances mobile coolroom!

Commercial Laundry

Commercial Washing Machines & Dryers

Whether you are an aged care facility, a hospital or a hotel, Southern Cross Appliances will be able to personally tailor an energy efficient, environmentally friendly laundry solution to meet your requirements.

Having experienced running a laundromat, we understand how to ensure your commercial laundry equipment provides a positive return on investment. Benefit from our experience.

Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial Dishwashers

A restaurant or cafe with dirty crockery or glassware will not stay in business for long. Southern Cross Appliances can ensure your commercial dishwashers and glasswashers are well maintained & efficient.

We are experienced with all the major foreign & Australian brands of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers - Sharpline, Eswood, Norris & Washtech.